Introduction To Total Health Assessment System

Welcome to Health and Disease Assessment Center: An interactive Health center includes the Integrative Health assessment, a personal medical record, and laboratory tests that provide helpful information about the user's health.
Integrative Health Assessment: developed by Dr. Sudhir Bagga at the Life Science Medical Center a unique interactive health/Disease assessment and management tool that integrates the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine (e.g. Ayurveda, Traditional Oriental Medicine - under development).

"The patient's responses to a comprehensive Health questionnaire along with pertinent medical records information are interpreted using proprietary assessment tools to help the consumer manage his/her Health and provide his/her physician/Health professional with a better profile of specific conditions for comprehensive & optimum Health/Disease management. This patient specific information database program provides the most efficient and time saving results, for the best possible Healthcare, by providing individual Health& Disease management recommendations."

Personal Health Record (My Health analysis): will record the results and recommendations from the Integrative Health assessment. This record becomes a crucial profile that allows to recommend supplements & other Health/Disease management choices.
Consumers will answer statistically validated severity based Health & Disease questionnaire. Our interactive real time tools will generate health/Disease management options, recommendations and solutions guidelines.

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